Crows Are Daring In Their Efforts To Find Food

Daring deeds on our part may cause us harm or worse, but daring deeds for Christ Jesus will bring eternal rewards.

Eternal Perspectives               by Sally Bair

Daring crows 

I see lots of crows on the road. As they feed on carrion that litters the pavement and roadsides, many are so intent on grabbing a morsel, they forget themselves and end up as added carrion. Most, however, have grown wise in their ways of avoiding traffic. They fly or hop off nanoseconds before being hit by a vehicle.

The daring, dodging crows remind me of some people. My grandson, a rock climber, posts scary pictures on the internet of himself clinging to a rock face. I’m not nearly so bold, but have taken many chances, some foolish, in my own life.

At times, in fact, I feel as if I’m tempting God to save me from disaster. One more candy bar won’t hurt me, I tell myself, knowing cancer cells feed on processed sugar. One more cigarette won’t kill me, some smokers tell themselves while they cough, assured of their self-deception. One more time cheating my boss won’t hurt, some workers may tell themselves while feeling guilty.

Bad habits are not easy to break. But good habits can be life-saving. Think of the rock climber, who has learned to check every minute detail for a safe climb. Think of the deep sea fisherman who must practice frequent safety precautions in case of a storm. My son’s captain made sure his crew endured difficult survival measures during their six weeks in the Bering Sea. Their practice paid off with a safe, though harrowing, rescue.

Sometimes we take spiritual chances, forgetting to take the time to develop good habits. We may rationalize: One more job to finish, then I’ll sit down and read my Bible, knowing full well we’re cheating ourselves of God’s very presence and cheating Him of the joy He receives when we give Him our undivided attention.

The best way to remain in good fellowship with Him is through His Word and prayer. God is a gracious Father who loves us. Even as He watches over the crow when it may foolishly try to dodge danger, He watches over us. He always has our best interests in mind. In fact, He wants us to cling to Him and love Him as a child loves his father. We can depend on Him—His love and care, His wisdom and power. Jesus calls Himself the vine and we are His branches. “He who abides in [clings to] Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Lord, thank You for watching over us even when we act foolishly. Help us abide in You so we won’t stumble like the crow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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