The fearful time we’re experiencing doesn’t have to be fearful, according to God’s holy Word. His promises are sure, His mercies unending through any fear-laden situation we encounter.

ETERNAL PERSPECTIVES                  by Sally Bair

A Fearful Thing 

During the stressful time we’re all experiencing, it’s easy to be fearful about our health and that of our loved ones or about loss of income and daily needs.

A few years ago I shared the story of my son, who went to Alaska to live. He spent his first few weeks in a tent behind the local dump—where grizzly bears hung out.  One night he heard a great noise outside the tent and naturally thought a bear had come around to check him out—or worse, to attack him.  His heart pounded like a bass drum as he anticipated a bear charging into his tent. After long minutes he gained enough courage to carefully peek out the canvas door.  There stood a wayward cow!  My son’s sense of relief greatly eclipsed his feeling of foolishness.

How often do we perceive something scary or worrisome, only to confront a harmless person, place or thing? When we give in to fear, we acknowledge that it’s our master.  Then panic can set in, causing us to surrender our strength and wits to fear.  We become overwhelmed at the unknown, unseen or wrongly perceived circumstances we face.  Eventually, we can even lose our ability to reason.

When we worry, we fear.  When we fear, we disbelieve, and unbelief in God and his Word is one of the most common sins.  It causes us to put our trust in ourselves or in others.  It causes us to blame God for what is happening or has happened.  It brings feelings of guilt for not being good enough for God’s favor because we have no courage to face our problems.

There are 365 Bible references to “Fear not.”  What a way to start each day, by reading one of the Fear Not passages.  Here is one:  “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  (Joshua 1:9)

There will always be times when our hearts will pump hard, as my son’s did in Alaska, when we face the unknown.  But courage is not necessarily the absence of fear; it is having faith to do what is right even in seemingly dire situations.  When we look to God for the answers, we will shed our fears, receiving his peace.

Lord, thank You for promising to be with us through difficult situations. Help us remember to use Your Word daily as the perfect antidote against fear.  In Jesus’ name.

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