A friend called me the other day and asked me to check out a recent obit in the weekly newspaper. She wanted to know when a certain funeral was scheduled to take place but couldn’t remember the name of the deceased.

I checked the latest issue, which contained numerous obits. One by one, I read the names and ages and day of their funerals.

“Jane Doe, 42, funeral Saturday,” I said. “This one is for Bob Berky, 56, funeral next Tuesday. And here’s one, M. Moore. Oh, he’s an old guy. He’s 82. Oh! That’s my age,” I said.

When we finished laughing, my friend said I should write this faux pas down. So here it is, for your funny bone as well.

What is it about our age, I wonder? Did I say what I did because I didn’t think of myself as old? Are there days when I do think of myself as old—days when my joints hurt more than usual, when my energy level is down, when I don’t feel like doing the things on my to-do list?

You’re only as old as you feel, we say. If that’s true, I’m 35 most days, not my actual 82 years. And some days I feel like 16, at least mentally. Friends and family may agree I act even younger.

I have friends, on the other hand, who refuse to tell their age. Why, I wonder? Are they afraid others will think they look older? Or do they try to avoid, or perhaps deny, their true age, knowing each day brings them closer to their demise?

God was into numbers. In fact, He wrote a book called Numbers. And He made sure we knew the ages of some of His people. Methuselah, for instance, lived 969 years. Abraham was 100 years old when he produced his son, Isaac.

I’ve learned that as long as God controls my life and I follow His will—which is clear and evident in His Word—it doesn’t matter how old I am. He may keep me here on earth another 20 years, writing for His glory and honor. Or He may decide that my life should end tomorrow. If that’s the case, I know it won’t be my end, it will be the beginning of a life spent with Him.

“Surely I [Jesus] am coming quickly.” Even so, come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)

No matter our age, no matter what age we would like to be, we all should be prepared, every day, for its end. Are you?

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