After the long, hard winter, I’m looking not for a leak but a torrent of spring weather. Today was glorious. Mild temps, soft south breeze, and the aroma of ozone in the air. Aah, I can hardly wait to start hanging my bed linens again!

Today spring has sprung a leak, just days before the official day. But the leak promises to plug itself with another bout of snow this week. When will the torrent begin? Yes, we can do without an onslaught of floods, but we are definitely ready for winter to end. We’re ready for return of the Canada geese and songbirds. Ice, begone! Snowbanks, sink to oblivion! Mittens and boots and hats, return to your seasonal slumbers in the far corners of closets!

Sometimes I think God is teasing us with the overlapping of seasonal change. Like everything He does, though, He has a reason. Maybe it’s to remind us to take each day, each moment as it comes, rather than planning ahead for the changes we’d like to see. Maybe it’s time for all of us to remember that we have no control of the future.

For sure, it’s time to give Him thanks for every moment, whether winter or spring, summer or autumn. Meanwhile, as we relish the leak in springtime weather while waiting for its full opening, we should keep our winter jackets and boots and mittens handy … just in case.

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